Thoughts from the Headteacher’s office

We’ve never been so popular!

October 31st was the deadline for applications for Year 7 in September 2016. Following our very busy open events we expected to see an increase in the number of applications to Woodcote High School. This month we received the figures from the Pan London Admissions scheme and we were truly astonished.

At Woodcote High School, applications for Year 7 places in 2016 has risen by 187 since last year and this represents a 38% increase since 2014. 1136 applications for 216 places represented more than a fivefold oversubscription.

The school has never been so popular and the reasons the parents have put in their application form shows just how our school is valued by prospective students and parents and is evidence of our status as the premier school of choice in the local area.

In the box on the right you can see just a few of the reasons why more and more parents want to send their children to Woodcote High School and why more and more students want to study here. Many comments are not just testament to school leaders and teachers but demonstrate just how good our present students are at being excellent ambassadors for Woodcote High School.

Underlying this success, of course, is a ticking time bomb of a problem. There is a perfect storm coming our way in the next few years.

1 The bulge in the birth-rate is making its way to secondary schools
2 Our three main feeder primaries are all considering expanding their rolls.
3 Building in the local area, including the new Cane Hill Park development will put pressure on school places.

We want to be the local school of choice for students in our community and we don’t want to be turning away youngsters from our local primary schools.

We are currently talking to the Local Education Authority about this and exploring some options. It is early days yet, but we’ll keep you updated!

In the meantime if you haven’t paid your school fund contribution for this year, there is still time to do this. We are making it easier for you, so please see the article elsewhere in this edition

Have a very Happy Christmas and I let’s all hope we have a successful 2016.


• We visited during the open evenings and the children seemed engaged the facilities were good. I am confident my daughter will be quickly integrated in the school and developed well.

• Woodcote High School is my first choice because they are a continually improving school with results way above the national average, and are in the top 10% of schools in England for student progress. My son and I think the Students feel safe and happy at Woodcote High School.

• Reading the Ofsted report my daughter would love to attend this school. She is a hard worker and strives to achieve.

• The Ofsted report and school prospectus is very encouraging. The school concentrates on the children’s education and children attending the school have done very well. We are looking for this type of school where our daughter is guaranteed to progress in her education.

• Woodcote High has great reviews and the Ofsted reports are fantastic. I want my child to have the best prospects of a good education and the best possible start in life, and i feel that Woodcote high can provide this for my daughter. Also the location of the school is ideal.

• When we visited the school, we were impressed with school setting and the high achievements of the students. Most importantly, our daughter liked this school and could see herself here for an important part of her life – she feels she would flourish here.

• We have chosen this because of ethos and strong values which exemplified our core beliefs; furthermore it has fantastic sporting facilities and a big emphasis is placed on ICT which my child excels.

• We had a lovely experience on the open evening was really impressed with the school and the friendliness of the children we met. I know my son would be very happy there.

• We completely agree with the values of your school in the support of our child. I believe that the pastoral support system in place would be very beneficial to my child and the clarity and security of the students’ social and psychological welfare would help nurture his education and allow him to excel and develop in his studies.

• Very good school which is local to home. Good reviews from Ofsted and I know a few people that had children that went there in the past and they did very well. Therefore would love for my son to go to this school.

• Thus far my son has received an education of high standards at Woodcote High School. I believe my daughter will be given the same opportunity.

• This school will continue the great education my daughter has been receiving, and continue to push her abilities into adulthood for a bright future.

• This school provides an outstanding education.

• This school is a good school because my 18 year old daughter went to this school and it made her what she is today.

• This is one of the best rated school in Croydon and has an outstanding achievement records.

• This is an exceptional secondary school in the area that both my son and I really want as first choice for his next important stage in life. It is a highly academic school, culturally and socially diverse and will offer him a big stepping stone. It feels the right school for him and it also felt like a safe environment as we explored the building and grounds and met some of the pupils (who were extremely inspiring.

• The school has a good academic track record and the student discipline is good. I also liked the extra-curricular activities at the school. The facilities at the school are well looked after and cleanliness of the school was impressive. Overall this is a good school that I would feel comfortable with to educate my son.

• The headmasters talk was impressive and I feel like it would be a good opportunity for my daughter

• My daughter quickly fell in love with Woodcote High School on her open-day visit. She was struck by the Art department and the work shown on display. She has a love for Art and has been described as very talented by her teachers. We saw that you have excellent facilities and the commitment to help her reach her full potential. I know she will flourish in an environment where she feels happy and safe. We like the school ethos and would be delighted to have her secure a place.

• My daughter is a bright young child. She deserves to attend one of the best schools in Croydon.

• We attended an Open Evening recently which beautifully showcased Woodcote’s strengths academically, socially and creatively. During the evening the current students were friendly and inspiring encouraging her to participate in activities, making her feel very welcome.

• Just like every parent I am very passionate about my child’s education and want to offer him the best possible. I whole heartedly believe that this school is the place that provide him such skills and give him the chance of life that I cannot offer him.

• It is an inspirational school which motivates a student, whatever their ability to achieve the very best.

• I would like to send my child to Woodcote School as I felt it gave a warmth from the children and they also welcomed him at the open evening. It offered a high standard of teaching and the children were very polite, helpful and happy.

• I have visited the school and was very impressed by the pupils, behaviour, the ethos of the school, the staff’s attitude and the school’s examination results. We would love our daughter to be offered the opportunity to be a pupil at this school.

• We believe it is an exceptional school.

• Excellent school, grades, students and GCSE’s. I feel this is an outstanding school which will suit the needs of my daughter and will allow her to strive to her full potential. I have read your Ofsted report and I feel this school is the right choice for her.