Thoughts from the Headteacher’s office

The data all stacks up

Each May, every school in the country receives their Data Dashboard from Ofsted. This is the final analysis of how well the school did in the 2014 exams.

Our 2014 Dashboard can be found following this link.

The Dashboard looks at the main aspects of the school in terms of examination results:

  • 5 A* – C including Maths and English
  • English
  • Maths
  • Science

The Dashboard also looks at progress in English and Maths compared with national levels shown by the dotted line.

In every measure, Woodcote High School is well above the National Level and either in the top or the second quintile against all schools as well as schools with similar intakes of students.

This set of results should give a real boost to the young people at Woodcote High School sitting their GCSE exams over the next month or so.

We have high aspirations for our young people and the 2014 results will act as a real encouragement for the class of 2015 to make further improvements and produce an even better Data Dashboard next year.