Thoughts from the Headteacher’s office

10 questions that every parent should ask themselves

Tony Little is a fellow Head Teacher.  He is head of a school in Berkshire with a similar number of students to Woodcote High. Tony Little is leaving his post at the end of the summer term and has written a book entitled “An Intelligent Person’s Guide to Education”, published by Bloomsbury. In the book he has 10 questions that every parent should ask themselves. I read these in a newspaper article about the forthcoming book and they immediately stuck a chord with me. I hope he does not mind me reproducing them here:

1. Do I believe my child is almost perfect?
2. Do I like rules and regulations until my child breaks them?
3. Am I happy gossiping about the school to anyone, but reluctant to talk to teachers?
4. Do I go in at the deep end when someone criticises my child?
5. Am I an expert because I went to school?

If the answer to any of the above is ‘yes’, please find another school.

6. Am I prepared to work with the school and pull my weight?
7. Can I strike a balance between being a Velcro parent and a ghost?
8. Can I support my child and support the school through difficult times?
9. Can I suppress my frustrated ambitions and let my child be him/herself?
10.Will I deflect rumour and find out the facts from the school?
If the answer to any one of questions 6 – 10 is ‘yes’, welcome. We will be able to work with you and your child will flourish.

These questions will resonate loudly with all Head Teachers and they say so much about how the attitude of parents have so much influence on students’ successes both in school and in life. As a Head Teacher of a comprehensive school I can identify with Tony Little’s experiences over a 25 year headship.

Oh, and his school?…..