Thoughts from the Headteacher’s office

Our New Mobility Provision is officially opened.

At Woodcote High School we have always prided ourselves on our inclusive nature.  Over seven years ago we enrolled our first wheelchair using student, Gemma, who was very much a trailblazer and really enjoyed her time in High School despite having to find some circuitous routes to her classes at times. Over the years we have gradually adapted our sprawling site into a more accessible space and  we’ve slowly made improvements to enable all our students to access the curriculum equally. The opening of our new Enhanced Learinig Provision in collaboration with the Local Authority and Chipstead Valley Primary School is a magnificent step-change in the facilities we are able to offer to our mobility impaired students.  These smart, professional looking rooms, at the heart of the school, ensure that the 8 students attached to our mobility unit can feel they truly belong in mainstream education.

Candice,  Hanna,  Jalak, Idayah, James, Maria, Poppy and Ramar all enrich the school with their presence and friendly personalities on a daily basis and they love their new centre and the facilities it provides.

I look forward to the new students who will now come to Woodcote  because of these facilities over the coming years and particularly our partnership with Chipstead Valley Primary School, which will enable us to work with students before they enter Year 7.

Much hard work and vision has gone into this project and I would like to thank Linda Wright from the Local Authority and Ginny Marshall of St Giles Special School for all their help and advice.

The healthcare professionals who work with our youngsters do a fantastic job, but the real heroes are our Mobility Team: Paula Arnold, (Team Leader), Joanna Bartram, Liz Hehir, Deidre Thornton and Wendy Varela. all work very closely with  the students on a daily basis, line managed in a superb way by Assistant Headteacher, Kirstie  Woodcock.

 I am grateful to Croydon Council who have financed these superb facilities and would like to assure them that this investment will really benefit some of the most important students in the school.