Thoughts from the Headteacher’s office

New half term email reports

We are always trying to improve the way we communicate with parents and this week we launch a new initiative to send all parents assessment data on their children each half term directly by email. Previously this has been written in to the students’ planners. A copy of the WASP (Woodcote Assessment of Student Progress) report for the first half term of the academic year 2013-14 will be emailed out this week  A WASP report informs you of how students are progressing each half term of the school year. In the report you are told:

  1. The termly grade (GCSE) or level (KS3) for the half term – i.e. the grade or level at which your child is working at that point in time
  2. An effort score for their performance over the half term
  3. An end of year and/or end of Key Stage target

The termly grade or level will appear as either a Red, Yellow, White or Green box. This is to show the performance at that point in time compared to their target. The colours mean:

RED – The student is underperforming at this point in time. If things do not change they will  not meet their target at the end of the Key Stage
YELLOW – The student is underperforming by one sublevel at this point in time. If things do not change, they are unlikely to meet their Key Stage target
WHITE – The student is performing as expected for this point in time. If they continue to work as they are, they will meet their Key Stage target
GREEN – The student is working ahead of expectation at this point in time. If they continue in this manner they are likely to exceed their target for the Key stage.

We constantly try to keep our email list up to date, but we are aware that not all parents will receive this report. If you don’t receive your report please contact the school and ensure that your details are up to date

 If you have any questions regarding the information in the WASP report, please contact the relevant subject teacher who will be happy to answer them for you.