Thoughts from the Headteacher’s office

Do you Know where your son or daughter will be during the holidays?

You will have seen the recent publicity about the illegal rave in Croydon and the sad death of a teenage boy. You might think that my child would never go near such a place – but are you so sure?

Photos of the rave that have appeared in the press appear to show many school aged teenagers at the rave. I wouldn’t mind betting that many of their parents had no idea where they were.

Following the recent illegal rave, Superintendent Caroline Trevithick, from Croydon Police said:

“Parties and raves of this nature are not licensed, and they are simply dangerous. No security staff, no medics, no concerns about the number of people present and unsafe properties all add up to a really dangerous place for people to be. They often sound like a great idea, but two young people have sadly died and many have fallen seriously ill after they attended illegal raves in London this year. The reality is that you’re putting yourself in real danger by going to these events. You’re also running the risk of being arrested by police if you’re buying or taking drugs. Buying drugs to then pass on to your friends is an extremely serious offence and you could face going to prison if you’re caught giving drugs to other people. Illegal drugs are linked to all sorts of problems with your health and with the law. The only way to really avoid getting into trouble is to not have anything to do with drugs at all. Drugs are taken very seriously by the police and even if you are under 18 you can end up arrested and in court. You could end up with a criminal record or be sent to prison.”

With the holidays coming up fast make sure you know where your child is at all times.