Thoughts from the Headteacher’s office

Assessing Student Progress

This academic year we are emailing all parents and students their half term assessment data. The first email of the WASP (Woodcote Assessment of Student Progress) went out shortly after the October half term holiday and the WASP for Autumn 2 is due out imminently.

Each student’s spreadsheet will start to build to give a picture of their progress and will show how “on target” students are towards the aspirational targets that the school has set for all our young people.

 Next to each subject there should be a half termly level or grade. This is their teacher’s professional judgement of the current working grade/level of a pupil.  It is informed by classwork, homework and KATs in a manner which reflects the final GCSE assessment criteria eg. A subject with 60% controlled assessment  may give more weighting to class and homework than a subject with 100% examination which would give more weighting to the KAT.

 KAT (Key Assessment Task) – this is either a test/extended project/piece of coursework  that is set by teachers each half term to assess performance, knowledge and understanding of the work studied either that half term or that academic year to date.   It is formally marked by a teacher, Graded/levelled and returned to the pupil.

 Controlled Assessment –  this used to be called coursework.  It is a task to be completed, with various amounts of supervision by teaching staff, and contributes towards the GCSE grade to be awarded for a subject.

 Each grade or level  on the WASP sheet has a sub-grade or level associated with it.  1 is at the top end of the grade, 2 is in the middle of the grade and 3 is at the lower end:

Eg   B1 – A top B  (just short of an A grade)

       B2 – A middle B  (comfortably in the range)

       B3 – A low B (just beyond a C grade)

 The colour is in the grade or level box shows how “on track” the student is towards achieving their aspirational target at the end of the Key Stage (Year 9 and 11).

 All students are set targets for the end of a key stage. Targets are set to be challenging to students but are not limiting – they can always be exceeded.  End of key stage targets are then broken down to provide end of year targets to allow monitoring of progress over time.   If a student achieves their aspirational target by the end of the Key  Stage they will be in the top 5% of students nationally with similar abilities and prior achievement.

 The colours are Red, Yellow, White and Green.

 RED – The student is underperforming at this point in time.  If things do not change they will not meet their target  at the end of the Key Stage.

 YELLOW – The student is underperforming by one sublevel  at this point in time.  If things do not change they are unlikely to meet his Key Stage target.

WHITE – The student is performing as expected for this point in time.   If they continue to work in this manner they will  meet  their Key Stage target.

 GREEN – The student is working ahead of expectation at this point in time.  If they continue in this manner they are likely to exceed their target for the Key Stage.

At the moment year 7 students have not been issued with target grades as we are waiting for these from the National Database. We will re-send the reports as soon as the information is available.

 Over the year a picture is built up to show how each student is performing against their aspirational targets.   If you are worried that your child is not on track,  then  now is the time to speak to them, monitor their homework and bookwork and speak to their subject teacher to discuss ways to help them get back on target.

 We have intervention strategies for students seriously off target but as parents you can do much to help by praising and intervening. The effort column will also give you an understanding of why students are where they are at the end of each half term.

 The new emailed WASP reports are a powerful tool to help with your child’s learning. If you are not receiving these then please contact Becky Allen on  020 8668 6464 Extension 274 and we will check that your details are correct on our database.