Thoughts from the Headteacher’s office

A vibrant PTA is an asset to any school

All parents will be fully aware of the vital role that PTAs play in helping to support students and parents in a variety of different ways.   In primary schools the PTA is central to the way in which parents network and work together to support their children both physically and financially.

The crowd of parents waiting at the school gate every evening is a valuable source of volunteers, ideas and creative thinking and there are no shortage of mums and dads willing to help out with fundraising activities and social events.

In secondary schools, however, the picture is very much different. Students no longer want to be picked up from school and parents are often delighted that the school run of the last 6 years has come to an end and their offspring are starting to become independent outgoing young adults who value time with their friends to and from school.   So the crowd at the gate soon thins out after the first few days in Year 7. This is a positive thing, it tells us that our parents are confident that their children have settled into school and are happy to make their own way to and fro.

As parents withdraw from the school gates the enthusiasm for working with the PTA starts to wane and many parents are happy to say that they have done their bit in the past and leave it at that. In many secondary schools there is no PTA and this is a real shame because the students still have seven more years in education and still need the support and help that a good PTA can provide.

We are very lucky at Woodcote High School because for the 11 years I have been Headteacher we have always had a thriving and supportive PTFA who have worked tirelessly to raise money and organise social activities. Over the years the efforts of the PTFA have provided minibuses, specialist DT equipment, sound and lighting systems for the hall, Snack Shack, Duke of Edinburgh equipment etc. So far this year the PFTA have organised a Comedy Evening, a Spring Buying Event and a Family Quiz Night

The following events are planned for the remainder of this year :

  • Summer Buying Event – Saturday l2th July   2-4pm.
  • Christmas Shopping Market – Thursday 27th November 7-9pm.
  • Christmas Dinner Dance with Casino   – Saturday 6th December 8pm – Midnight.

The PTFA are always looking for new volunteers and now have a new website

Why not email them and lend your support?